A look at some of the projects we are working on.

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Project Connect

Addiction is a disease of isolation that doesn't just affect some of us, it affects all of us.

Project Connect is an immersive, transmedia installation project that seeks to teach the non-addicted public what it means and feels like to be addicted. With broader understanding and empathy, we can end the stigma of addiction and approach this disease more humanely, with compassion, and through human connection.

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Animated AR Logo Project

A unique activation of our Prime8 logo using WebAR technology.


  1. Print the P8 logo above, or display on a monitor
  2. Using a mobile device logo on to lab.prime8.io, scroll to AR Logo, and click "View Project"
  3. Allow your web browser access to your device's camera, and make sure your volume is turned up
  4. Hover the circular reticle over the rounded features of your printed or displayed P8 logo

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Critical Listening Project

Critical listening skills - the ability to hear and identify exactly what is going on in music and audio soundscapes - is something anyone can develop with practice. Prime8 is developing a fun, immersive web app that will flex your "ear muscles" and make critical listening your superpower!

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